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AgroBee’s mission is to promote integration in the countryside between farmers and beekeepers, a relationship of mutual gains, promoting sustainable agriculture and preserving the environment. More than 70% of agricultural crops depend at some level on the pollination process carried out by bees, nature’s main pollinating agents. AgroBee brings technology and innovation to introduce a new efficient management in the countryside, with technique and safety

Agrobee's App

Application developed with the purpose of connecting bee keepers with producers through technology 4.0 with artificial intelligence in a practical and safe way

Crop Management

Get access to all your agricultural crops with real-time forecasts.

Farm Management

Manage your farm from anywhere and pollinate your crops at any time

Generate income and promote sustainability

With pollination orders you can allocate your hives to a crop and generate income.

Hive Management and Classification

Check your hives from anywhere and evaluate your colonies with our AI.

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2022 Award Winner:

Purpose Before Profit Award da The E2E Global Scale-Up Awards

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Agrobee's Services

Learn about our services and Agrobee’s outcomes in assisted and intelligent pollination in various agricultural crops.
Considering the culture, area and surroundings of the farm, we offer the most adequate pollination, selecting the bee species and the necessary management to guarantee the increase of quality and agricultural production.


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Discover the best practices on beekeeping and how you can improve the life’s quality of your colonies and their substrates, download our manuals now.

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Sustainability Program

SustentaBeelidade AgroBee Program provides the opportunity to participate in environmental activities for other segments.

Sustainable Development Goals

ODS Achieved by the SustentaBeelidade program

Agrobee Certification

Stamps that add sustainable marketing for your brand.

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